Burdur National Education Directorate is a big family with its 242 schools and isntitutions, 2890 teachers,44.234 students and their precious parents.Our institution, believing that success will come with a healthy development of student-teacher-parents cooperation, appraise our precious parents as one of the most important elements of our institutional construction.

City National Education Directorate presents a modern and scientific educational service, developing citizenship consciousness in a formal and lifelong education in accordance with Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions.Making unique contributions to Turkish National Education, Burdur strenghtens its being a model city in education in each year.

Our city, which has come in first in SBS exams in the years, 2007,2008 and 2009, makes important contributions to the education of our country via the local and international projects that our city carried out, in addition to its being afore in the applications of educational projects carried out throughout the country.

There are 206 schools and 36 institutions, which are composed of 12 independent nursery schools,149 primary schools (including Education Practice School and Job Training Centre), 18 General High School, 6 Anatolian High School, 3 Anatolian Teacher Training High School, 2 Science Secondary School, 1 Social Sciences Secondary School, 4 Medical Vocational High Schools, 3 Trade Vocational high Schools, 3 Imam Hatip High Schools, 2 Industrial Vocational Hih Schools, 2 Vocational Schools for Girls, 1 Aricultural Vocational High School, 2 METEM,2 MESEMS, 1 Centre for Science and the Arts, 1 Counseling and Research Center, 1 Tourism Trainin Center, 11 Public Training Center, 8 Teacherages and 10 town National Education Directorates.

There are 4.648 students and 203 teacher in total with 107 teachers and 96 temporaly employed qualified instructors in preschool education; 2.7862 students and 1768 teachers in primary schools; 11.724 students and 889 teachers in secondary schools.

  Pre primary Primary Secondary
Number of Students 15 15 13
Number of students in a class 16 18 19


Pre Primary Age 3+4+5 4.648 49,13 %
Age 4+5 4.435 69,25 %
Age 5 2.984 94,13 %
Primary 27.862 99,68 %
Secondary 11.724 75,72 %
Genel 44.234 87,70 %

Within the coordination of our government, the local projects that have been practiced by the City National Education Directorate since 2004:

  • The Successful School & Institution of the term Project
  • The Project of Increasing success in ÖSS, OKS (SBS,LYS)
  • The Project of Sister School and Institution
  • The Project of Reading Schools
  • Traditional Craftwork Projects
  • Burdur is Reading
  • Wise Woman Project
  • Burdur is Reading (2)
  • There is no age in reading
  • The Successful School of the Month Project
  • The Project of "Show me a way"
  • The Project of Strategic Team in Success


With the Project “ Reading Schools” still applied, the whole students and the teachers of our schools carry out reading time in the 20 minutes of first lessons eveyday according to their reading levels. After reading habits of the students have improved, their parents are aimed to Say Hello! To the World of Books together with the students via the Project of “ Burdur is reading”


  • The year of 2006 – “Vocational Training Improvement” Project presented to the World Bank- 65.000 Euro
  • The year of 2008 – Leonardo Vocational Training Project presented to the National Agency- Core abilities of Students at Vocational Education and Training- 18.000 euro ( This Project has been carried out with Spain, Romanian Vocational Training Institutions and the coordination of Turkey.)
  • The year of 2009 – There are 6 preschool projects presented to Central FinanceTendering Unit, the results wll be declared in October, 2010
  • The year of 2010 – Grundvig Adult Training Project presented to the National Agency – Toys of My Grandparents- 24.000 euro ( This Project has been prepared by Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Austria, Check Republic Adult Training Institution and by the coordination of Turkey.)
  • The year of 2010 – Comenius Regio Regional Partnership Project presented by National Agency – Living without Violence is my right!- 33.000 Euro ( This Project, has been prepared by the coordination of Romania and by the partnership of Turkey).

Our team also takes place in the projects of ISKUR carried out in our city every year and coordination of the staff, which will be employed in our schools bu İŞKUR, is provided.

Burdur National Education Directorate Web Site: http://burdur.meb.gov.tr/

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University was founded on the date of 17 March 2006 with the law publihed in the Official Journal of the number 26111. Via this law, Burdur Education Faculty, Burdur Medical College,Burdur Vocational College,Bucak Hikmet olunay Vocational College, Gölhisar Vocational College, Bucak Emin gülmez Technical Sciences Vocational College, Ağlasun Vocational College and Burdur Veterinary Faculty connected with Akdeniz University have been disponed to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.With the same law, Faaculty of Art and Sciences, Social Sciences Institute, Institute of Sciences and Institute of Medical Sciences has been founded and joined the constitution of our university

Centre for Constant Education Researchand Practice and Centre for Strategic Researches Practice and Reseach, which is planned to operate in various science fields in the system of the university.In addition to the centres for Research and Practice, The Department fort he History of Atatürk’s Principles and Renovation, Physical Education and Sport Department, Informatics Department,The Department of Fine Arts, The Deparment of Turkish Language and the Department of Foreign Languages has been serving depending on the rectorship

Today, with its 3 institutes giving post-grade education, 3 faculties and 2 colleges giving an education at bachelor’s level, 6 vocational colleges giving education at associate’s degree, 6 research centers, 6 units depending on rectorship, 14.491 students and 803 workers, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University has become an important institution among the universities lately established.Our university is going ahead with its certain steps towards future as a candidate university for enabling important contributions to our country by means of its qualified education, research projects and scientific publications

Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Web site: http://www.mehmetakif.edu.tr