High Ways

Burdur is situated on the high way leading to / from Istanbul – Antalya and to / from Ankara – Antalya. Each car heading to Antalya coming from Marmara, Eagean and Anatolia regions are passing through our city.
Terminal Phone: +90 248 233 53 90 +90 248 233 53 90
Burdur Egemen (Burdur-Isparta)
: +90 248 212 45 12
Bucak Seyahat: +90 248 233 87 67
Kamil Koç Turizm: +90 233 13 15
Pamukkale Turizm: +90 248 233 35 00
Metro Turizm: +90 248 234 44 64

BURDUR Ankara 422 KM
İstanbul 602 KM
İzmir 374 KM
Antalya 122 KM
Isparta 51 KM**
Denizli 150 KM
Afyon 170 KM
* Info by general Directorate of Highways
** Burdur-Isparta 23 km on friendship road.

Air Way
Süleyman Demirel Airport is situated 25 km away from Burdur hence Antalya International airport is 130 km away from Burdur.
Süleyman Demirel Airport: +90 246 232 25 92
Antalya   Airport: +90 242 243 43 81 +90 242 243 43 82 +90 242 243 43 83

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Grand Ozeren Spa Hotel: +90 248 233 77 53 – www.grandozerenotel.com
Serenler Hotel: +90 248 242 93 00
Çendik Hotel: +90 248 242 82 31 www.cendikmotel.com
Atam Hotel: +90 248 234 44 98 www.atamhotel.com

Weather in Burdur in Military Service Periods:

January: Average temperature (◦C), 2.6; the highest temperature, 7.0 the lowest temperature, -1,1

April: Average temperature (◦C), 11.4 the highest temperature,17.4 the lowest temperature, 5.9

July: Average temperature (◦C), 24.6; the highest temperature, 31.8 the lowest temperature, -16,9

October: Average temperature (◦C), 14.2; the highest temperature, 21.4 the lowest temperature, 8.1

Source: General Directorate of the State Meteorological


Burdur Museum
Bakibey Mension
Taşoda Ethnographic Museum
Ulu Mosque and Clock Tower
Burdur Lake – Bird Observatory
Insuyu Cave (on the way to Antalya, 11 kilometers away from city center)

Sagalassos Ancient City (30 kilometers away from Burdur)
Yeşilbaşköy Town (Trout Plants)

Karacaören Reservoir (Picnic Areas, Yatch Tour, Trout Plants)
Susuz Khan
İncir Khan

Kibyra Ancient City

Salda Lake (Beach, Picnic Areas, Camping Areas, Tent, Trout Plants)
Hacılar Mound
Karataş Lake
Yarışlı Lake


The principles for military service with foreign currency are regulated in additional item – 1 of Military Regulation No: 1111

Foreign Exchange for Military Service

*To apply with documents used to prove their statues by means of Turkish Consulate by citizens who have permission to live or work as a worker, employer or performing an art or occupation to profess an art or occupation and have been at least for a period of three years (365x3=1095 days) in a foreign country.

*Those within the limit of 38 years from the date of application will pay 5112 Euro or foreign country’s money in advance or up to four equal installments from the date of application till the end of the year by those 38 age limit.
*To pay of 7.668 Euro or a foreign country’s money in advance at the time of application by those exceeding 38 years limit. (Those who haven’t applicated until the end of the year which completed by the age of 38 to benefit from military service and those removed from scope because of not to pay or carry out their basic military training even if they applicate.)

*It is a form of military service which they fulfill provided that they fulfill 21 days basic military training.

Conditions of benefitting from paid military service

  1. Regardless of whatever reason, except for periods of time spent in the country;
  • To perform an art or occupation at least 1095 days as having pesmisson to live or work as worker, employer or performing an art or occupation.
  • Based on a service contract, to work at least total 1095 days as sailor in foreing-flagged ships dependent on companies installed in foreign country.
  • Not to lost these statues during the application and until complete their responsibility.
  1. Except paid military service (those called to army as soldiers or reserve officer candidate or in other statue with another one of military service) not have been called to army in county with other form of military service.
  2. Amount of Exchange showed in regulation to benefit from military service with Exchange.
  1. For those in 35 age limit, to pay 5112 Euro or foreign country’s money until 31 December of the year in which they fulfill 38 age and to complete application procedures.
  2. For those over 38 age limit, to prepay foreign currency or 7.668 Euro during application and to complete application procedures.
  1. Until completing basic education within the scope of military service and foreign currency payments;
  1. Not to return to country permanently,
  2. Not to occupy in the country over 6 months in a calendar year (1st January – 31st December) except 21-day period of basic military training.
  3. Not to profess their occupation or art in the domestic country even if they have permission to work and residence permit in the foreign country.
  1. Preserving of the status in the foreign country through continuation of responsibility.
  2. To the basic military training;
  1. at the latest term of induction year, at the latest term of induction year when the 39 age completed for who apply in 38 age limit.
  2. For people over 38 age limit,we look for the condition of starting in the period of first two summons that follow the latest application date.

People dwelling in more than one country with residence or work permission

Citizens, who want to benefit from paid military service can pass residence times and work times in foreign country constituting the basis for benefitting from military service with foreign exchange in more than one foreign country, on condition as worker, employer or professing an occupation or a craft with having permit of work and residence.
Among them, in the country which they have residence and work permit, people who deserve to benefit from paid military service can benefit from paid military service on condition that uniting the former service time by applying to consulates that they depent on.

People who arrested and convicted while dewelling in foreign country with residence and work permit

Among people who received into prison in the country where they have been arrested and convicted while dwelling in a foreign country with residence and work permit, people who receive salary or wage dependent to income tax in the prison can benefit from paid military service on condition that continuing of residence and work permit, continuing of conserving status in the country, not being deported.

Our citizens spend periods of time in prison in this way can be accepted from the needed time period (1095 days) for benefitting from paid military service

These citizens pay the specified amount of foreign currency according to state law.

Citizens working in foreign countries’ international institutions and organizations

Citizens who work as a staff obtained from the scene at international institutions and organizations (except citizens appointed by domestic country’s institutions and organizations), and citizens who allowed to dwell and work as long as their working period continue can apply for benefitting from paid military service after completing 3 years (1095 days) time period that needed.

But, our citizens of this state who apply for paid military service whose status are ended before completing the payment and basic military training are taken to recruit according to their status.

Citizens who have MA and Doctorate education in foreign countries

Except citizens who go to a foreign country with a scholarship from any person or institution, YÖK (Higher Education Institution), MEB (Ministry Of Education), from the students who went abroad to do graduate education/doctorate;

    • Citizens who perform an occupation or an art, who gain the title of worker, employer or a member of a profession apart from their student status,
    • Even though their residence and work permission issued depending on their student status, citizens who work as a lecturer or research assistant subject to income tax at a foreign county’s university or Higher Education Institution,
    • Citizens who earn one of the status as worker, employer, or performer of an occupation or an art before the official authority due to a work of continuity of supply and whose operations administrated by the authorities according to their new status can benefit from paid military service after they create all the requirements specified in the law.

Among the students who study MA/Doctorate education as official student status in foreign countries, citizens who cut their scholarship from domestic country and who continue their scholarship from the university that they study or continue their occupations or arts in foreign country, without following their interrupts or scholarship payments to compensate with their institutions, taking into the account the date of scholarship cuts, students’ period of time in the country can be counted as the time
period that necessary for paid military service they create all the requirements specified in the law.

Citizens who can’t benefit from military service with exchange

  1. Citizens who gave up their demands before completing their currency obligations for military service,
  2. Citizens those have official duties in a foreign country;
  3. Citizens whose exchanges for wage, salary and travel allowance transferred from domestic country along their continuation of their liabilities during the time periods of time that needed to live abroad for benefitting military service with foreign exchange.
  4. Citizens who didn’t complete their responsibilities after applying for benefitting military service with exchange;
    1. who make a final return,
    2. who deported,
    3. in every calendar year (January 1st- December 31st), except basic military training term, who live in domestic country more than 6 months,
    4. who make their jobs in domestic country even though their residence and work permit in a foreign country goes on,
  5. Except military service with foreign exchange, who have taken to the army as a

Candidate of soldier or reserve officer or another statue, who run away from army, who abuse medical permission,

  1. Citizens who studies undergraduate education or lower level education in a foreign country and whose residence and work permissions are related to their student status,
  2. Citizens who go abroad for MA and doctorate education with the scholarship given by

YÖK (Higher Education Institution), MEB (Ministry Of Education) or an another
people and institutions.

  1. Citizens who give up benefitting from paid military service before

completing their responsibilities after applying the military service with foreign exchange cannot benefit from paid military service.

Transactions required to be made by citizens who want to benefit from paid military service.
Obliged people who want to benefit from military service with foreign exchange apply to the Turkish Republic Consulate in the region that they live three months ago by adding their documents according to their status in foreign countries that they live.
Required Documents for Workers

  • At least three-year time residence or work permit gotten from the foreign country's official authority which is stayed in
  • The document which is regulated by the employer of the working place which indicates working date and time proves actively at least 1.095 days of working
  • The document which shows the date and time of unemployment insurance which is taken from the paying authority of the ones who take unemployment insurance without working in anywhere
  • The document for the ones who take disablement benefit,showing the date and time of taking disablement benefit from concerned authority
  • Public passport which shows actively being in the foreign country at least total 1.095 day time

Required Documents for Employers

  • At least three-year time residence or work permit gotten from the foreign country's official authority which is stayed in
  • The document which proves running a workplace being on ones hand at least total 1.095 day time as an employer in the foreign country which is stayed in
  • The document indicates the qualification of working place which is recognized according to the laws of foreign country which is stayed in
  • Public passport which shows actively being in the foreign country at least total 1.095 day time

Required Documents for a Profession or Performer of Art

  • At least three-year time residence or work permit gotten from the foreign country's official authority
  • The document showing actively professing or performing an art at least total 1.095 day time in foreign country which is stayed in
  • Public passport which shows actively being in foreign country at least total 1.095 day time


Required Documents for Seafarers

  • The copy of the sevice contract document which is prepared by the shipper or his agent approved by foreign official authority regarding working actively as a seafarer at least total 1.095 day time
  • The copy of the seamanfile record according to foreign country laws
  • The copy of the seaman sufficiency document
  • Certified copy of ID card of seaman
  • Public passport which shows actively being in foreign country at least total 1.095 day time

Citizen who want to benefit from military with foreign exchange service are needed to work actively at least 1.095 day time based on a service contract in foreign-flagged ships or foreign countries and needed to get payments as foreign country money and continue this situation during paid military service charge.
The ones who work in the ships sailing under the colours of Turkey and in the foreign-flagged ships that are depended on a company established inside Turkey, can't benefit from paid military service.
Seafarer status citizens apply to Turkish Republic's Consulships of foreign country where the ships are owned where the port of registery is shipper or agent is, to benefit from paid military service. Citizens who want to benefit from paid military service have to submit the documents clarifying their status and helping to prove asked by consulship.
Our citizens working as '' seafarer'' with a work agreement in foreign flagged ships can do their paid military service or delaying military service applications to foreign country consulates in which ships' flag belongs, port of registry is found, ship owner or his representative is found or the company which runs ship is founded, if this isn't possible they can personally apply to consolates listed below.

Authorized to Accept Application for a List of Representations of Seafarers









Berlin,Hamburg, Hannover






Los Angeles, New York






Buenos Aires









Mexico city



Sidney, Melburn












Sao Paulo









St. Petersburg, Novorossisk































































Tel Aviv



Athens, Phre, Rhodes







Issues That Obligators Should Pay Attention When They Apply to Foreign Exchange in Military Service

  1. Obligators go to the corresponding banks taking two copies of , '' Foreign exchange in military service information document that will be written to the receipt to do foreign exchange payment''with them and they imburse their outrights and payments as exchange.
  2. Obligators deliver one of two copies of the receipt that they take from the corresponding bank to the consul. and they arrenged the application form for obligators who wants to benefit from paid military service and sign relevant departments in application form
  3. As obligators are personally in charge of providing to imburse the private foreign currency account that presented in T.R Central bank and correcting the mistakes and deficiencies in credentials, they should warn the corresponding bank while doing payment and check the accuracy of informations in the receipt.
  4. As expenditures like provision, reference...etc. not been taken into the consideration, obligators must do the all of the payment that indicated in the law according to the their age levels. So after doing payment the paid amount on the receipt is checked ,if there are reference expectives are paid by the obligators.
  5. Citizens should warn corresponding bank about writing credentials properly and completely and check these informations accuracy on the receipt.
  6. They complete the payment by delivering one of the two copies of the receipt that they take from corresponding bank , to the consul. They should save the other copy of the receipt belonging to the payments until the certain process og discharge is done.
  7. The obligators who do the payment as instalment in the country by applying to the induction center with passaports that give information about the necessary conditions. They take the paid military service information document that will be written to the receipt to do ''foreign exchange payment '' to the T.R central bank they deliver the receipt that they take from the one of the bank to the induction center


Last Inspection Procedures


  1. Obligators who applied for military service with foreign exchange but haven't their last inspections yet, get their health central with ''Last Inspection Form '' in their countries and deliverthis from to consolates.
  2. Those dedected as unwell from their appearences or with the result of control , deliver their clinical and labarotory informations, X-rays, Turkish translations to consolates with ''Last Inspection Form ''.
  3. Ones who want , in a later date, can have their inspections in their country before having their main military education driving.
  4. Those who could't get their last inspectionhealth control in countries they stay or those who want to have in their countries should apply to military office in which they registered at least 7 days before or to military office where they live at least 15 days before.

Application Form

Those who completed payment and last inpection health control procedures ,sign, the relevant section of '' Application form of obligatories dependent to paid military service '' which is coordinated for them.

List of Obligatories dependent to Driving

Name lists send to consolates who dependent to driving by paid military service , are coordinated according to consolate rule by which applications are made. For this reason, our citizens dependent to driving should look at the list in consolate where they had applied.

From those who applied in time but didn't find his name in '' name list for obligatories dependent to driving '' oneswho ask for driving or ones who planned later call periods but want earlier driving, call the telephone numbers of MND – Soldier Taking Department – 00.90.312.402.34.16 – 0312.402.34.17 or 402.34.47 or they contact with fax 00.90.312.419.36.74 – 417.76.33 and act according to answer from these.

The Documents That Must Be Kept by the Candidates of Soldier Who Came Home for the Basic Military Training

The candidates, who will take the basic military training, apply directly to the Burdur Recruitment Office on the announced dates with their

* Passports,
* ID cards,
* Residence or work permits (if residence or work permits are not included in their passports)
* Seaman cards (for the candidates who has seaman status),
* A copy of foreign exchange reference document for military service,
* The candidates who have the citizenship of another country will bring their passports or ID cards belong to another country also.
Basic Military Training
The candidates, who would like to benefit from the foreign exchange military training, conduct their military training at Burdur 58’inci Piyade Eğitim Alay Komutanlığı for 21-day.

Training association provides the candidates with all kinds of materials to supply their personal needs (underwear, cleaning supplies, shoes, towels etc.) But, if the candidates wish, they can bring their personal cleaning supplies.

The electronic devices, such as mobile phone, laptop, are deposited to the trust office in case of document during admission.

The drugs brought by the candidates are checked by the doctors during admission. If the doctors allows, then candidates can use them.

Financial Principles about the Foreign Currency

The Amounts of Foreign Currency Payments

1. The amount of foreign currency payments will be based on,

  1. 5,112 Euros for those 38 years old.
  2. 7,668 Euros for persons who are over 38 years.

2. The Ministry of National Defense determines and announces the payments for the candidates who do not use the Euro in their countries.

The total amounts of payments for these candidates are determined according the value of the Euro at the beginning of the financial year.

3. For the candidates whose money is not convertible, the money to be paid is calculated like the rule given above by 1. or 2.

4. The candidates complete their payments with the same money unit.

5. If the validity of the money, which is used in payments, is lost, then the money determined according to rule 2 can be reorganized by the Ministry of National Defense.

The candidates, who started their payments with the money which has lost its convertibility, can conduct their remaining payments with valid Money units.

Timing of Payment

1. The candidates who are within 38 years old can pay 5,112 Euros as prepayment or divide the total amount into four installments. The first installment is paid prepayment and the remaining could be paid until the end of year that completes their 38 years.

2. The candidates who are over 38 years old pay 7,668 Euros during the application

 Payment Processing Procedures

1. Payments;
a. In abroad, the banks determined by T.C. Central bank and the alternative banks determined by consular, within the country the branches of T.C. Central banks with the documents having information about “the payment for foreign exchange military training” via himself or almost legal or proxy

b. By conducting payment via T.C.Central Bank of Foreign Exchange Currency Account

2. The candidates should have write all information as correct and complete onto the receipt showing the “payment for foreign exchange military training”

3. Following the first payments, the copy of the receipt is sent to the consular and the followings are sent to the Recruitment Office over the consular or directly to the Recruitment Office.

4. All the responsibilities, about opening an account and transferring the foreign exchange to the account or correction of information related to ID cards, belong to the candidates.

Personal Rights
1. The candidates benefited from the rights of soldiers who are depended on the act of 1111 Military Service.

2. The candidates are responsible from their expenditures until arriving the military training and after the basic military training.

3. The cost of air change is paid for the candidates who have air change .

Permits and Retiring

  1. Since the duration of the basic military traning period is 21-day, the candidates do not have the right to annual leave. The candidates complete the 21-day basic military training.
  2. To bounds ; if tehir mother, father, grandmother,grandfather, wife/husband, daughter/son and brother/sister is dead or tehir mother, father, wife/husband and daughter/son is seriously ill, permission is given for 4 days by brigade commander or superior commandership.
  3. In natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire a permission, according to the disaster, is given wiht the order of force commandership.
  4. The permissions that are given fort he dead of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, wife/husband, son/daughter and brother/sister or the seriously illnesses of mother, father, wife/husband and son/daughter in natural disaster such as earthquake, flood and fire wiht THA order of force commandership according to the disaster are regarded as a recrviting service.

Health Procedures-

  1. THA health procedures of bounds who study the basic recrviting education are executed according to Turkish Armed Force Health Copacity Regulation and Turkish Armed Force Health Examination Regulation.
  2. Total period of the cure that is applied in health institution, atmosphere variation, relaxation and THA permission are regarded as a service and recrviting till 8 days.But they aren’t regarded if they take ware than 8 days.the period, that isn’t regarded, is made themcompleted.For the price of the atmosphere variation that is regarded as a service, the atmosphere variation price is paid to bounds by recrviting services.
  3. If THA soldiers who take atmosphere variation want, thay can be given permission to go abroad in order to complete THA rest of service in THA following calls by THA Ceneral Education Commander ship or THA Ministry of National Defence Presidency of Getting Soldier.

Subtraction From Comprehension of Recrviting Service With Foreign Exchange

THA boards, whose conditions are stated, are subtracted from THA comprehension of recruiting service with foreign exchange and tehir recruiting services are made them completed with one of THA other recruiting service forms that they are depend on.

1.Even though they completed tehir obligations in THA comprehension of recruiting service wiht foreign Exchange; THA soldiers, who was found out that they profited by recruiting service with foreign Exchange although they didn’t have THA conditions that were stated in taws and Regulation.

2-.İn order to profit by recruting service with foreign exchange;

a-.Amoung THA soldiers who applied in THA 38 age boundary, THA ones who didn’t complete THA payment until THA end of THA year they filled up 38th age what ever THA reason is.

b-.Al though they paid THA whole of foreign Exchange in THA boundary of 38th age that is anticipated, THA ones who didn’t do THA military education also in THA last call period of THA year they filled up THA 39th age.

3-.Amoung the soldires who excended the boundary of 38th age the ones who didn’t complete basic military education in the call period that is determined by the Ministry of Nation Defence following the finish of apply procedure.

4-.İn order to profit by recruting service with foreign Exchange, actually period that is necessary to be spent and in the period till the finish of basic military education and the payments in order to profit by recruting service with foreign Exchange after application in that comprehension;

a-.The ones whose salar yor pay is transfered from inner country,

b.-The ones who existed with official duty in foreign countries,

5-.İn the period that pass until they complete basic military education and the payment in this comprehension after application to profit by recruting service with foreign exchange;

a-.Except the period that pass in basic military education, the ones who passed totaly more than half of the calender year in country, (01 January-31 December)

b-.The ones who made a final return to the country,

c-.The ones who last the conditions that are necessary to be constituted to profit by recruting service with foreign exchange, (their status in foreign countries)

ç-.The ones who do their accupations and crafts in countries even though they have a permission of working and staying in foreign country.

Except the ones who are subracted from the comprehension of recruting service with foreign Exchange because of the reasons that are written in 2nd article, the ones who are subtracted from comprehension with other reasons, even they form necessary conditions again, can’t prafit by recruting service with foreign Exchange again, according to their position in country they are charged with military service procedures.

Foundations Connected With Pay Back The Situations in that there will be pay back wiht the comprehension of recruting service with foreign Exchange
1-.After application in order to profit by recruting service with foreign exchange, to the ones who were subtracted from comprehension after they accupy their military service with one of the status they depend on in country or regarded as accupied,

2-.When the situations are determined to the ones who last the Turkish citizen or left the Turkish citizen with the permission while and before basic military eduation,

3-.When the situations are determined pay back is done to the ones who die while and before the basic military.

The situations in that there won’t be pay back with the comprehension of recruting service with foreign exchange

1-.After completing the basic military education; to thr ones who die, become in convenient for the military, exit from Turkish citizen with permisson or who are converted to stateless,

2-.After completing the obligation in the comprehension of recruting service with foreign Exchange pay back isn’t done to the ones who were subtracted from comprehension.

Offices for the application of pay back
The application related to the pay back; is done to the military departmend that the bound is registered in country and The Turkish Consulate that be longs to the region, that is stayed in, on condition that to be transmited to the military departmend in a broad. 

The procedures that are done by military departmend fort he procedure of pay back

1-.The military departments investigate the pay back documents, they establish if the demanders have right to pay back or not and if they have departments maket hem completed the missing documents.

2-.The pay back offer is done for the people who have the right to pay back by military departments to the Ministry of Finance Central Ennumerating Directorship.

3-.The pay is done to the bank account in the country that is stated in the application of bounds ‘own, their agents’ or their regally inheritors in apply to the new Turkish liras that will be accounted with Republic Central Bank purchase rate of exchange also by Ministry of Finance Central Enumerating Directorship.

The other particular points that the bounds, applied to profiting by military services with foreign exchange, have to pay attention

1-.The ones who apply for prafiting by military service with foreign exchange, without paying the whole of anticipated Exchange and without completing basic military edutation for 21 days;
a-They can’t finally come back to country

b-In each calender year except the period that is passed with basic military education totally more than 6 mounths they can’t exist in the country.

c.Even though they have a permission for staing or working in abroad, they can’t accupy their accupations and crafts.

ç.They can’t get an official duty in foreign countries.

d.Their exchanges in return for their fee, salary or travel expenses can not be transfered from inner country.

2)Foreign exchange obligations under the military service to those who continue,and addresses the changes in this case within one month infrom the embassies ant the military branches.
3)38 year old abliged to do military service health status of the health status of a hindrance to thought of foreign currency is envisaged to make it clear do not want to pay,38 years of age are obliged to conclude transactions completed by the end of the year.
They ,until the end of the age 38,if not ended up health care operations,then take the report as “ stable” military service is convenient,wish to make use of foreign country exchange equivalence are required to pay.
There fore,in this case,an 38 years of age until the end of the year implicitly understood health operations,for 5,112 euros or a foreign country’s money by paying up to 38 years of age filled by the end of the year application process for foreign currency or euro is a good circumstance style.İn this way, for 5,112 euros or a foreign country by the end of the year by paying the money fillend by the age of 38 have completed the application process,beginning with basic military training,or even if begun,is not conducive “military service inconvinent” to take decisive in case of a report,to be paid back to take a foreign currency.

4)Military service applicants to take advantage of foreign exchange, payments and home until you have completed basic military training of entry-exit passport stamp of absolute input-output required to suppress.

5)Foreign currency for the benefit of militray service applicants to complete their obligations, provided that final return home can do without waiting for the age limit.

Discharge Procedures

Temporary Discharge Procedures
A temporary discharge certificate is prepared for the candidates who completed their basic military training for 21 day and it is delivered to the candidates.

Final Discharge Procedures
Recruitment offices prepare the final discharge certificate for the candidates who paid the foreign exchange currency and completed the basic military training and sent it to the regions of military, which takes soldiers, to approve it.

A copy of the final discharge certificate is sent to the addresses of citizens, and the embassies are also informed.
The candidates who are discharged from the military training have redundancy poll made for the following years. According to the law, the candidates who are outside the age limit do not have their redundancy poll checked.

Citizens Health Care Operations In Foreign Countries

Health examinations of citizens in foreign countries, they are eligible to foreign countries in accordance with the principles set forth below.
Transactions must be done by citizens;
1)Any failure of an illness and not abliged,the last poll in the form of claims sent to the consulates or at least a medical examination,medical facilities,consulates will return to from after the poll.
2)Stating that any failure or appearance of this disease and are required to certain conditions,are refered to offical health care receivables in the from of the last poll(at least two-surgeon) inspection reports laboratory and x-ray films of the last poll form.

3)Health reports,Health Deportment of Nationail Defence Ministry of the Presidency ;final decision on the appropriate examination to be given to a military hospital in the country “by the decision affirmed,during the periof of suspension shall be(38 years of age taking into consideration the end of the year at an appropriate time returning home inspections)


1)Health examinations of the appliconts to make their military service will be based on the latest poll was issued for the form of interest are referred to the medical or health instution.
2)Any failure of non-disease and, after a medical examination made by the consulate will deliver forms to the latest poll-point decision over the phrase “scratching” should the Board Inspection, from the back of objections to this decision on the declaration that they are not printed with your own handwritif and signature. After this, the last polling foms are sent directly to the local branch of the military.

3)Those with the disease and failure, the reports are sent offically approved and regulated healt care organizations, if any ,opinions of the consulate is sent directly to the president of health in conjuntion with the ministry of national defense.
4)Those report are organized as follows.
a)Recent polling in the form of passport size photogroph pasted obliged in the last there months.
b)The orginal form will be attached to the report, and recent polling in this form, the report shall be signed by regulating doctors.
c)Obliged part’s name, surname, date of birth, the population registered, city town, village and neigborhoof households with arerseas address, identity card and is written by residence enrellments.
ç)Disease or defect is open and obvious, indicating that it pulled the front and side aspect and consulate sealed and photos are added to the reports.
d)The diseaseor defects are not clear and distinot breed, indicating that this disaese is x-rays, all kinds of clinical or leboratory findings, the reports added to the tests.
E)The report, inspection and examination of clinical and laboratory diagnosis of the pathological findings, decisions about the identity of physicians, health organizations, with signatures and the approval of the consulate is loated.

These issues in reports whether the specified reports are reviewed and found lacking,be returned to the obliged parties,end in following the ministry of defense sent to the deportmen of health.
5)Liability on the health status of correspandence, the Ministry of Nationall Defense is made.
6)İf they objected to decisions of the tax Liability report, based on contested petitions sent to the chair of the Deportment of health.
1)Reports, preliminary reports are subject to review and not suitable for the above-mentioned issues, stating the deficiencies will be returned to embassies.
2)Sent a complete set of report in accordonce with procedures as a result of the investigations
A)”Suitable for military service”
B)”Not suitable as a private for the military service. Suitable for soldiers as Reserve officer”
C)Not suitable as a private or a Reserve officer.
Ç)Abouth to be given final decision, abliged party is suitable to be examined in a military hospital in homeland.
D)Returing to homeland “a military hospital to be examined, levaving the next year is suitable” Decisions are appraved bu one of at least two doctors.
3)Reports are sent to the department of National Service after approved.

4)Liabilitias in relation to health status or report the decisions of approval from the writings of the objections, or petitions, examined and answeres by the legislation.

Presidency of the Department ot health, the subsequent approval of the reports, obliged by the Department of National Service for branches of the branches of military service .Waiting areas of the military branches of National Service will send the reports.

Transactions Made By Military Offices

1)Health reports, consent order report the records are processed, decisions are taken and peronal files placed on their military service.

2)Liabilitigs, check the decisions of the military operations carried out accarding to the report, and consulates and their decisions shall be notified in writing according to the rights of the transactions.

3)Health reports “To Turkey, returning to a military hospital to be examined, leaving the next year s suitable”obliged approved the decision of the military deferreds,the report issued last polling period to the end of the year following the date (ostober 31) until the date of this issue is done and to obliged parties and embassies.However,if they are wiling,obliged aren’t waited for the military hospital referrals.

Other issues;
1)Liabilities; appealing against the decisions to the report check, to return home to conclude for certain military operations and military branchese to be examined in a military hospital in their application to their military hospital referrals done to them. This is done in the military hospital referrals according to the reports of the rights of health claims are made precise operation.

2)Permission from the homeland, and for some reson or other request for a medical examination of national and foreign dual medical and sanitary committee and inspencted, the documents are sent to foreign obliged. The diffuculty of health examinations in foreign countries, foreign countries due to different health standarts than the previous health examination reports “ to be returning to Turkey in a military hospital waiting times” approved delay shipment or shipment delay expired, military branchese of the military. Any way to these examnations is not recommended to anroll in their countries.

3)The last poll taken before the decision by seeing if their military service or status of reserve ıfficer obliged to be subject to the subpoena will not participate in what they see asdisturbing as they are resting or treatment areas of the health instutions, reports and Turkish translations approved by the consulates, obliged with a cover letter clearly stated in the credentials of the population directly to the Department of Health with the Ministry of National Defense,and later with the appropriate reports,rest or treatment have been warned by taking the start and end dates”referral to delay the aproval of the from is sent to the repartment of National Service.