Hello from Burdur -a pretty city of West Mediterranean which is situated in the culture capital of Nomad Culture and Teke Region and the land of roses and lakes.

Burdur is located among the best cities of culture and history tourism with the historical Burdur houses, archeological and ethnography museums, the first settlements of the ancient people (Hacilar), antique cities Sagalassos and Kibyra, Turkish Islamic monuments and especially Insuyu Cave and the lakes.

It is proved that Burdur having 9000 years history (background) is an important centre in terms of civilisations and cultural richness with Hacilar where mankind started settled life and to be engaged with agriculture and livestock farming in the Pisidia Region. Burdur is located not only in the junctions of the roads but also in the junctions of the civilizations.

The magnificent artifacts “Susuz Inn and Incir Inn” from the Seljukians period complete Burdur’s ancient history, Baki Bey and Stone room mansions from the Ottoman Empire civil engineering period and Egyptians , Piribaslar House and Ulu Mosque and Clock tower also attract people.

Burdur with its energetic folk dances like; Teke Zortlatmasi, Serenler Zeybegi, Al Yazmalym, folk songs, and with its sipsi instrument live the music, with its painted clothes and needle laces reflect the colours of life and with its walnut paste and Burdur shish kebab reflect the tastes of rich culture.

Burdur has a special place among Turkish and world cities with its geographical situation and culture dating back to thousand years.

21st century will be the century of cities. Cities are shaping global culture by rising up their identities, sharing and carrying their cultures to the future.

Burdur welcomes its visitors for natural and historical beauties.

Nurettin YILMAZ  
Governor of Burdur